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Business applications needs are changing dramatically. Social media is exploding, and users more often are opting to use mobile devices. To be competitive businesses needs to be connected to Social media, and extract intelligence from massive Social media data – mining both structured and un-structured data, and make the refined data available internally to understand customer sentiment and requirements. With increasing user adoption to mobile technology, Mobile enabling business applications, increases user adoption as well as enhances responsiveness for customer needs.

SaasMo being leader in mobile and social media enabled Cloud solutions, is well positioned to address present business challenges. We offer Social CRM, Service Management, and Retail solutions. All our solutions are social and mobile enabled and come with rich analytics engine. As our solutions are usability focused, our customers get maximum adoption from user community. The built in integration capability of our solutions makes it easier to integrate with other applications. Our outstanding product support, highlights our investment and commitment to make our customers successful.

In present day, business strategies needs to be aligned to address the needs of well informed and social consumers. Our well experienced business consulting practice provides industry focused business strategies and best practice services. Our Mobile strategy consulting provides services to strategize your mobile transformation, to increase user adoption and productivity, with future trends in mind.