xSMS USA Small Business vs. Enterprise Account
Compare both services and choose according to your requirements

xSMS enables simpler, quicker and more verifiable delivery of high-value, just-in-time, individualized communications and associated mobile transactional services… we are the global leader in Personalized Priority Messaging.

The table below contains a detailed comparison of our business messaging solutions for organizations who want to communicate with their customers, suppliers and employees in the United States.

Account Overview
US Small Business Messaging $150 per month* US Enterprise Messaging $1400 per month (Setup $3,500)

xSMS US Small Business offer gives you fast ,low-cost messaging that's easy to setup and use.

By registering a Small Business account you'll get your own US 10-digit two way number enabling incoming messages.

We'll also throw in some FREE outgoing message credits every month. You'll also benefit from FREE incoming messages.

Register for a US Enterprise account and power your mobile marketing and enterprise mobility applications.

As an Enterprise Account holder you'll be able to benefit from a 5 or 6 digit short code which your customers will recognize each time they receive a message from you.

You'll also have full access to xSMS celebrated Application Programming Interface (API) suite.

Account Features
When can you use it? Immediate - sign up & send Short code approval by US Mobile Operators
Your “From” number 10-digit two-way number 5 or 6 digit short code (vanity codes subject to availability)
  • One "From" number per account
  • Select your personal number from over 50 metro areas.
  • No number limitations per account
  • Sub-accounts available
  • Vouchers available
Messaging Features
Supported Message Types
  • 160 Character text message
  • Message spanning for long messages
  • 160 Character text message
  • Message spanning for long messages
  • Binary messaging available on request
Inbound Messaging Up to 10,000 FREE inbound messages per month Unlimited inbound messages
Outbound Messaging
  • 10 message per second
  • Max 5000 messages every 24 hours
  • Max 10,000 messages per month
Unlimited messaging
STOP / HELP feature Automatic Opt Out request management and Reporting. Custom STOP (Opt Out) text depending on message size. Optional management of STOP/REPLY
(Opt Out) feature
Allowed Messages Types
Subscription Content
In Venue
Consumer Packaging
Query Service
One Time Passwords
Other Requires operator approval
  • setting xSMS USSB account may take upto 12-24 hours
  • setting xSMS USE account may take upto 7-12 weeks
  • please click here for code of conduct (as per Mobile Marketing Association USA) for sending texts in USA.
  • please click here for US Consumer Best Practices (v5.2) for USA.