Install xSMS<sup>2</sup> now
Does xSMS2 enables me to send SMS from within application?
Can I generate report, dashboard based on SMS activity?
Will I be able to send bulk SMS to Campaign members?
Can I control who can send SMS?
Do I need to buy additional xSMS2 licenses when we add new users?
Is xSMS2 is available on all editions?
Can I set up xSMS2 by myself?
Can I use xSMS2 to automate business process?
How can I check available SMS credits?
How can I request for additional SMS credits?
Will I get notification before I run out of SMS credits?
How can I pay for additional SMS credits?
Does xSMS2 come with standard support service?
From which objects I will be able to send SMS?
Can I define standard template for SMS?
How do I know SMS is delivered successfully?
Does xSMS2 support 2 way communication?
Will I be able to send event/task reminder through SMS?
Can customers unsubscribe to our SMS?
Does SMS credits expire?
Generic SMS questions:
How long a SMS message can be?
How many SMS credits I need to send a SMS message?
Can I send SMS internationally?
Can I receive SMS from international mobile phones?
What is typical response rate for SMS?
How long will it take to deliver SMS?
Once sent, can I cancel/withdraw SMS message?
What is shortcode? Does it available in all countries?
What is a keyword?
Can I choose any keyword?
Do you send advertisement through SMS to my customers/leads?