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xSMS2 can be installed in your application and provides instant intelligent SMS ability with xSMS2 you don't need to spend resources and avoid expenses along with getting SMS integration in just few clicks...and that's all for free

With xSMS2 you only pay for what you use, No license fee, No hidden cost and Excellent Support eco system

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xSMS2 currently covers 819 networks in 220+ countries for outbound messages and almost 100 countries for inbound messages (two-way SMS)

Reach over 5 billion mobile phone directly from your salesforce.

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  • No hidden charges
  • No SMS credit expiration*
  • Free sender ID
  • Immediate Setup
  • Workflow support for automated SMS's
  • xSMS API for addressing your complex needs
  • Send 10 to 10 billion SMS per month
  • Reach 15 billion mobile phones
  • Automated processes with automated SMS's
  • Ask for crafted packages for your business

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